Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Brunch: Netflix Edition: Marvels Luke Cage

NetFlix: Marvel's Luke Cage Season 1 Review

Okay, I totally loved this series from start to finish. Netflix has done another great job of bring another Marvel Hero to life. I totally thought that the actors did a great job of portraying their characters so rich and interesting.

When we start off the series Luke who was in Jessica Jones is now working at a nightclub, and things are happening behind the scenes of the nightclub that will greatly affect his life later on in the series. I thought that this was a great way to bring some new characters and people into Luke's life. I totally love the introduction of Detective Mercedes "Misty" Knight, Cottonmouth, Shades-someone Luke knew at Seagate Prision, Cottonmouth's Cousin who is a Senator played by Alfre Woodard-who is phenomenal in this role.

I think the fact that he is a hard working man, who is just trying to live his life. We also find that he has a second job working for his former father in law, who is called Pops by the neighborhood as someone who sweeps. So we get to meet some of those characters who are regulars at the barber shop. Of course some of the neighborhood teenagers do something one night that sets off a series of events that changes everything for Luke and Pops. These actions lead Luke to come into conflict with Cottonmouth aka Darnell Stokes played by the wonderful actor, whose name I can't spell, sorry...was just so good. I totally loved how he delivered on his small little nuances and how the money stolen leads to so many other conflicts.

Plus we get to see one other character come to Harlem. I like that Harlem takes central place in this series and not Hell's Kitchen. It was a refreshing change to see what other neighborhoods have going on in the Marvel Universe. I mean Luke really starts to make a difference once things change forever for Luke once Pops gets killed and others get killed because of bad choices and then we learn about Diamondback and his connection to Luke.

Diamondback is someone who has been in the background for the first half of the series. You don't get to see him until the midway point. He was mentioned by the other characters. We learn that Diamondback is actually Luke's half-brother. I thought this was very well done, their backstory was one of the highlights for me, as you understand what help defined these two men who happen to have the same father, but because of circumstances you really get to feel for both of these individuals. I also love how Claire and Misty and the rest of Harlem become involve in their feud. 

Also the fact that there's a lot of corruption in the police department and Alfre Woodard's character really do a number and make decisions that affect a lot of people in different ways and the way their actions put Luke and his friends in danger really make this a lot more intense. Plus there is a lot of things that happen right at the end between Luke and Diamondback really make this so much more interesting to see how this is going to affect the upcoming Defenders series. Also not to mention there are a lot of interesting twists and turns that happen. I really like how this series leaves off with someone having some information that could clear Luke.

This series was amazing. I really have enjoyed this first season. I'm hoping that we will get to see a lot more of Luke Cage.  Marvel and Netflix are doing a great job with their series.


4.5 Hearts


  1. Luke Cage was very addictive! Great review!

  2. I just started and finished ep1. I do love Luke Cage, he and JJones are a hot couple