Thursday, February 16, 2017

Book Review: My American Duchess by Eloisa James

Title: My American Duchess
Author: Eloisa James
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Avon 
Pub Date: January 26, 2016 
Pages: 381
My Copy: Hardcover in my Too Be Read Pile

Book Summary:

The arrogant Duke of Trent intends to marry a well-bred Englishwoman. The last woman he would ever consider marrying is the adventuresome Merry Pelford - an American heiress who has infamously jilted two fiancés. 

But after one provocative encounter with the captivating Merry, Trent desires her more than any woman he has ever met. He is determined to have her as his wife, no matter what it takes. And Trent is a man who always gets what he wants.

The problem is, Merry is already betrothed, and the former runaway bride has vowed to make it all the way to the altar. As honor clashes with irresistible passion, Trent realizes the stakes are higher than anyone could have imagined. In his battle to save Merry and win her heart, one thing becomes clear: All is fair in love and war.

Book Review:

A totally delicious historical romance that you never know what to expect. I like how everything is a surprise from start to finish. I really found myself thinking that Merry and the Duke of Trent would never suit because of the fact of Merry’s situation and it turns out to be a very interesting journey to find a happily ever after.

Merry and the Duke of Trent, Jack are very different. She is American and he is British, plus a Duke. Not to mention Merry is already engaged but to his brother. When they first meet, they don’t know this, but there are sparks between them. Jack finds that Merry definitely is unique and unlike anyone he has ever meet. Merry thinks that Jack is not what she expected at all. 

Merry and Cedric, who is Jack’s brother is a character who you just dislike immensely. Cedric is the second son and always feels like he is overlooked. He wants Merry for a couple of reasons. Yet things are starting to feel like Merry is his and no one will have her. Things start to dissolve very quickly I feel like Merry and Cedric. Yet what happens is a bit of a twist. I thought that Cedric is going to be a horrible husband because of certain remarks about Merry’s aunt Bess. Bess is like a mother to Merry. Merry feels hurt by these actions of Cedric.

There are a lot of crazy twists that happen. I also like how the relationship between Jack and Merry developed and the twist that happened at the wedding. She thought that she was marrying Cedric, and finds instead that she is marrying Jack. So now, she is a duchess. This makes things much more interesting. Jack, the duke, now her husband tells her some very good things, and also how he persuaded Cedric to give her up and he complied with his commands. Also the way they communicate with one another was great.

We get to see their married life and it was really special and wonderful to see it develop in some really good and realistic ways. This relationship does encounter some difficulties, but both of them learn how to work and talk to one another. This is important for both Merry and Jack as each thinks something else when they have a major argument, but you do see a great love and respect for one another. I did enjoy this book and the humor was so great in this book. I totally found myself smiling at the very end. A very good romance.


4.5 Hearts

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