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Book Review: The Elusive Lord Everhart by Vivenne Loret

Title: The Elusive Lord Everhart
Author: Vivienne Lorret
Series: The Rakes of Fallow Hall #1
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: March 24, 2015
Pub Date: Avon Impulse
Pages: 336
My Copy: Courtesy of Edelweiss and Avon Impulse

Book Summary:

Gabriel Ludlow, Viscount Everhart, will never marry, and thus is sure to win the bachelors' wager amongst his friends. Assuming, of course, that his deepest secret—a certain letter containing a marriage proposal made in a moment of passion—doesn't surface. After all, without Calliope Croft to tempt him, there's no danger of losing. Or of falling in love.

Calliope wants revenge. Five years ago, an anonymous love letter stole her heart and ultimately broke it. Now Casanova has struck again, and Calliope vows to unmask the scoundrel, stopping him from breaking any more hearts. Yet, time and again, Gabriel distracts her from her task, until she can no longer deny that something about him calls to her…

Gabriel was a fool to ignore the depth of his feelings for Calliope, but the threat that kept him from her five years ago remains. Now he must choose between two paths: break her heart all over again or finally succumb to loving her… at the risk of losing everything.

Book Review:

A totally interesting book that keeps you hooked. What I like about this book is how a letter basically shapes the way the book goes and all the crazy things that happen. Calliope and Gabriel’s actions are definitely affected by the letter and what it causes is definitely something that makes you think will these two ever work out their misunderstanding and issues.

This letter definitely was the talk of the town a few years ago. It left Calliope Croft wanting to know who the author of this letter was. She feels like this letter has spoken to her heart. It made her reject Gabriel Ludlow, and want to have the person who wrote the letter. This makes things even harder as the author of the letter is Gabriel. Of course this means things between them when they happen upon one another five years later, makes things even more awkward.
Of course five years have passed and we find out that Gabriel wants to travel and do things. He of course makes a bet with certain friends that none of them shall ever marry and of course if any of them do, they will have to pay 10,000 pounds which is quite a lot of money. It will give Gabriel the chance to travel and do certain things he wants. He also feels like the things that he did a while back would make him not take the bet. Gabriel thinks he is in the clear until Brightwell, brings alongs his wife and her cousin who happens to be Calliope. This makes Gabriel uneasy, so he tries to avoid her and that causes problems that he didn’t expect.

Calliope finds out that her cousin Pamela also was sent a letter. So of course while staying in Fallow Hall she starts to investigate where this letter could have gone. Of course, while in the search for this letter she encounters Gabriel and the two of them manage to have something that sparks between them once more that both thought long buried. When she starts to talk about the letter we find out that the letter touched her. Gabriel feels stunned to hear this. We later learn that Calliope also starts to find out that she might belong with him and him vice versa. 

The relationship seems to be rebuilding between these two. They both realize that they need one another despite the past. I totally found the crazy twists and turns exciting and riveting. Something comes out about the letter that almost forces them apart, but both realize that nothing ever comes without a price. He feels bad about the letter and explains to her why he wrote that note. What comes out is totally surprising and very heartfelt.  I really liked how utterly vulnerable he was in that moment of revelation and discovery. Despite the deception, they almost never could have imagined a life without one another. Eventually Calliope forgives him and they do manage to become husband and wife and find their happily ever after.

A good solid historical romance.


4.5 Hearts

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