Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Review: Sunset in Central Park by Sarah Morgan

Title: Sunset in Central Park
Author: Sarah Morgan
Series: From Manhattan with Love #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin
Pub Date: August 30, 2016
Pages: 384
My Copy: Courtesy of NetGalley and Harlequin Books

Book Summary:

Love has never been a priority for garden designer Frankie Cole. After witnessing the fallout of her parents' divorce, she's seen the devastation an overload of emotion can cause. The only man she feels comfortable with is her friend Matt—but that's strictly platonic. If only she found it easier to ignore the way he makes her heart race… 

Matt Walker has loved Frankie for years but, sensing how fragile she is beneath her feisty exterior, has always played it cool. But then he uncovers new depths to the girl he's known forever and doesn't want to wait a moment longer. He knows Frankie has secrets and has buried them deep, but can Matt persuade her to trust him with her heart and kiss him under the Manhattan sunset? 

Book Review:

I totally enjoyed this romance a lot. I thought that Frankie and Matt were just so perfect for one another from start to finish. Frankie is a woman with issues, and Matt makes the perfect partner for her. I really found myself rooting for these two individuals.

One of the things that i really like about all the characters in this series is that they all seem genuinely real and honest about their friendship with one another. I think one of the things that I really enjoyed about this group of girlfriends and their family and loved ones, friends, that there seems to be something of their own making, Urban Genie, a concierge event business. We got to see it get started in the last book. Now the company is growing in a lot of ways.

Frankie doesn’t really like planning weddings and things, but she really loves Flowers and all the things that happen. She creates a lot of designs with Flowers and knows a lot about them. Yet Paige’s brother Matt is also helping them with letting them live in his building rent free. Matt is the kind of guy that most women dream about finding. He is very attracted to Frankie, yet he knows she has issues because of something that happened to her when she was very young. So things happen and Matt hires Frankie to help him out on a project for one of his clients.

As the job progresses, Matt and Frankie get closer. Frankie always feels like she is an outsider. Someone who has never belonged anywhere because of what happened with her mother and father, and the aftermath of the divorce and how her mother changed. It was like she was dealing with someone else and didn’t know how to process the string of men that were in her mother’s life. Frankie always felt like she was being judged. So when she goes back to the island where she grew up, she learns things about herself and the people she thought that she knew.

The romance between Matt and Frankie was very good. Their relationship had some moments where it seemed like everything was good, but then something that happen that would shake someone’s trust. Yet Matt stays by Frankie. Frankie opens up a lot to Matt, and that’s something she has never been able to do before with anyone. I thought that their relationship was what made this book work. Also it was nice to see that neither of them are what people expect. They have some struggles, but things work because they are open with one another and have respect. 

One of the sweetest romances I’ve read all year long. I really like how sweet this book was. Plus I like how sometimes we have a misconception of things, and need to move backwards to go forward.


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  1. Characters that seem real are the best in my opinion! :)